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An ultrasonic cleaner should be top of your shopping list if you want all your jewellery to look as good as new.

This clever device will have your jewellery shining and sparkling just like it was when you bought it - and most cleaners can also clean a host of other items including glasses, sunglasses, toothbrushes, old coins, and CDs and DVDs - an ultrasonic cleaner will even clean dentures!

Just pop your rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces into your cleaner and the cleaning solution, combined with the effect of millions of tiny bubbles created by ultrasound, gets everything glistering by penetrating cracks and crevices to remove embedded dirt and grime.

If you’re looking for a cheap cleaner prices start at around £15 and rise to more than £300 for top of the range products.

All our featured stores are reputable and trusted and operate secure online payment facilities to enable you to shop safely for a cleaner from the comfort of your home.

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Get your jewellery and valuables looking great again with an Ultrasonic Cleaning Device

An ultrasonic cleaning tank is an incredible device which can take all the hassle out of keeping your jewellery and other valuable items clean - gone are the days when you need to scrub and polish for hours trying to get you jewellery looking new again. These devices will have all your gold and silver jewellery looking good as new again.

Everyday life takes its toll on your jewellery and before long it starts to loses its sparkle as more and more dirt and grime builds up on the surface and in areas which are difficult to reach with traditional methods such as cleaning cloths and brushes.

That’s where one of these devices can come to your rescue. Just place your jewellery or other valuables into the cleaner and let it do it’s work. In no time it will have everything sparkling clean again.

The are plenty of cheap cleaners to choose from which are ideal for home use but there are also several top of the range models on the market which are the perfect solution for industrial use and anyone who needs to clean large amounts of jewellery or other items.

This clever piece of technology works by harnessing the powerful effects of ultrasonic sound, which is high-pitched sound generated at a level which is inaudible to the human ear. The typical range used for ultrasonic cleaning is between 20 kHz and 80 kHz. Mains powered cleaners are available in various colours including white, black and blue. We also feature a few mini cordless  cleaners which are very cheap and battery-powered. These are great for taking on holiday with your for cleaning your jewellery but they will produce results as impressive as a more expensive mains powered cleaner.

The sound waves generated in an ultrasonic unit create cavitations in the cleaning solution - the liquid is split apart by the ultrasonic sound and millions of tiny bubbles are formed.  These bubbles become compressed by the cleaning solution, resulting in the creation of millions of little liquid jets which attack the dirt, grease and grime which has built up on your jewellery or anything else you've placed in your cleaner.

There is literally no place to hide from the onslaught of these tiny jets which which get into the tiniest cracks and crevices you could never hope to reach by normal cleaning methods.

The range of jewellery and other items which can be used in a cleaner is very extensive - providing, of course, you buy a cleaner which is big enough to contain them. And the results these amazing cleaners will achieve is very impressive.

These hi-tech cleaners are widely used in the professional world including the engineering, sporting, very, medical, pharmaceutical, weapons, automobile and printing industries.

You can make all your silver, gold and platinum jewellery look like new

An ultrasound cleaner is perfectly safe for your gold, platinum and silver jewellery although it is not suitable for cleaning certain types of precious stones - among those which should not be used in a cleaner are topaz, jade, emerald, pearls, opal and amethyst. Other precious stones such as ruby, sapphire and diamond are fine to use in these clever devices

It is advisable to check with a jeweller first confirmation that your precious stone is safe to place in a cleaner.

You should also read the product instructions carefully before placing any item in the cleaner - the last thing you want is to end up damaging or spoiling something you treasure.

Other items which can be placed in one of these cleaners include most CDs and DVDs, spectacles and sunglasses, coins, waterproof watches, dentures and braces, fountain pen nibs, toiletry items, circuit boards,toothbrushes and surgical instruments. Some cleaners will also clean your contact lenses. The key requirement is that the item should be non-porous and of a size which enables it to be completely immersed in water.

Many people simply use tap water in their cleaner but there are special cleaning solutions and mild solvents available which are thought to speed up the cleaning process and improve the results you get.

These cleaning devices are very easy to maintain and just needs to be wiped and dried with a clean cloth after use.

We have an impressive range of cleaners you to take a look at many  top UK online stores including QVC, Amazon, The Original Gift Company, Ligo Electronics Ltd, Conrad, Goldsmiths, Jewelry Days and Evocal Ltd. Major cleaner brand names featured here include Duratool, Sonic Wave, JBL, Gonson, Sanitas, James and Ultra.

There are many types and styles available so it's best to take a look at a few to find the one that best suits your needs - do you want a cordless battery or manual cleaner, a heated ultrasonic device, a cleaner with a large or small tank, a cleaner with a basket to hold smaller items - prices for a cheap ultrasonic cleaner range from around £15 to more than £300 for a large industrial ultrasonic cleaner so you should have no trouble finding a cleaner that suits your budget.

So if you're thinking of giving your jewellery a new lease of life - think ultrasonic!


An ultrasonic cleaner is  great for cleaning jewellery, glasses, coins, CDs and DVDs, dentures and braces, waterproof watches - and much more!

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